Our Food Philosophy

Ego Food Co. is a food truck serving New American brunch foods, such as gourmet toasts, acai and quinoa bowls, breakfast sandwiches, and more. 

We’re brightening Charlotte with food that is unusually delicious. We have a straightforward model to let food that is just plain good take the spotlight. Finding our happy place right in the middle of comfort food and health, there’s a dish for everyone. We embrace the “New American” style by creating recipes inspired by  cuisine from around the world, from the highbrow to food informed by a simple childhood experience. The food we offer is everyday food, if everyday was a really good day.

Curated, vibrant, authentic, seasonal, and delicious.



a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance

the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious

a conscious thinking subject.

Origin : Latin, literally ‘I’

At Ego, we emphasize mindfulness in our cooking and business practices, because we care about the implications of our food on each individual. We carefully curate our identity by looking for fresh ingredients, responsible practices, and enriching encounters. We're hungry for the best way to share what we love.

One of our major internal goals is to employ people in a way that empowers and dignifies. We plan to use our business as a platform for social change, even if that is just by being a responsible, reliable, and forward oriented part of one person’s life at a time.

We are excited to bring to the Charlotte area food at the crossroads of nutrition and comfort, a perfect balance. By keeping things simple, we put the sheer goodness of our food in the spotlight.