The Heroes


Homemade Kolache (savory pastry) stuffed with your choice of:

Polish sausage and cheddar, Mozzarella and pepperoni/salami, Broccoli and cheddar, Ham and swiss, Jam and cream cheese or, Jalapeno, conecuh + cheddar


Cinnamon Toast

Brioche slice topped with butter and cinnamon and sugar


Cheddar + Jam Toast

Soda bread slice topped with raw white cheddar and your choice of strawberry or raspberry jam


Everything Avocado Toast

Locally baked sourdough bread sliced thin and toasted with freshly mashed avocado topped with basil, radish, everything bagel seasoning and a from scratch lime basil vinaigrette


Pimento Peach Toast

Sourdough slice topped with pimento cheese, fresh sliced peach, arugula, sprouts, radish and salt and pepper


Açaí Bowl

Tambor Organic Açaí blended with bananas, berries and your choice of toppings: coconut, homemade granola, strawberries, honey, almond, chia seed, nutella, peanut butter


Everything Hash

Seasoned potato and vegetable blend with chorizo, egg, homemade everything bagel seasoning, microgreens and served with toast


Loaded Breakfast Burrito

Flour tortilla packed with egg, chorizo, bacon, monterey jack cheese, crispy hash browns and sour cream


Bagel and Cream Cheese

Locally made bagel topped with plain or herb cream cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper and other toppings


Biscuit Sandwich

Homemade biscuit topped with bacon, cheddar, herb seasoned eggs and homemade chipotle aioli or jalapeno aioli


Ego Ramen

Chicken broth, ramen noodles, medium boiled egg, green onion, bell pepper, corn and sprouts, served chilled or heated


French Toast Bowl

Brioche french toast topped with a softened fresh fruit blend, homemade fruit syrup, whipped cream and sprinkled with nutmeg