A Delicious Food Truck by Ego Food Co.

Schedule: Fri 11 AM - 2 PM 68 Haywood St. Downtown / Saturday 8 AM - Noon Downtown Farmers Market 4 PM - 8 PM Ginger’s Revenge



A kolache (Co Law Cheeeee) is a hand made sweet yeast dough baked to perfection packed with delicious ingredients. Sometimes these ingredients are savory like the Ego Classic which is Polish Sausage and freshly grated cheddar. Sometimes these ingredients are sweet, like the traditional Czech style of kolache with a sugary cream cheese mixture and fresh jam.

Originally a Czech sweet pastry then transformed into a sausage and cheese morning way of life by the Texans.

Stop in soon at our roaming tiny food truck for some made fresh daily kolaches and try them for yourself!


Some days are for Kale, some days are for Kolaches.

We believe in the balance of healthy and comfort food. We have curated a menu for you to offer you opportunity for healthy food when you need it and comfort food when you want it.


Ego’s food truck in the final days of construction. Asheville, NC October 2018.

It all started when…

Our founding owners, Matt and Josh, are childhood friends from Asheville who both found themselves in Charlotte working with a non profit called the Abandon Project that exposed them to a deep need at the heart of this city for people trapped in cycles of poverty and neglect. They have found different ways of working together throughout the years, but finally were able to fulfill a dream and open a business together! They seek to use their passions and skills to create business as social enterprise and help provide for the needs of the communities they serve.

Ego seeks to make food that is unusually delicious. We keep things simple to let the unique flavors and concepts shine. Our menu is constantly rotating to keep the menu packed with seasonal, creative dishes, despite our small size. We offer nutritional food to feed the body and sometimes just tasty treats that do the soul good.

Always striving to be intentional about the influence on our community and world, we’re on the lookout for excellent people, inspiring conversations, delectable moments, and engaging opportunities.

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Matt, owner/operator of Ego Food Co. resides in Asheville with his wife Hayley but spends a lot of time in San Francisco and Charlotte with a finger in many pies, working in consulting, nonprofits, start-ups, and crowdfunding. Matt is the business mind of our operation, building systems and ideas and keeping us running effectively.



Owner Josh lives in Charlotte with his wife Jenny, golden retrievers Gus and Ollie, and godson MJ. He’s dedicated to serving the people of Charlotte in many ways, from day to day interactions to his work through his nonprofit, The Abandon Project. Josh represents Ego’s value for community and relationships, and is our tie to the city of Charlotte.



Abigail, co-founder and operator of Ego Food Co., is new to Charlotte after a few years hopping between cities and food related jobs. She met Matt while running a summer camp kitchen in Asheville feeding hundreds of meals a day. An artist in her free time, Abigail represents Ego’s creativity and design.